Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

«Medical Science of Ukraine» believes that the ethical aspects of publication are an important part of editorial work and review process. The Editorial Board, the editorial staff and the Scientific Society of Anatomists, Histologists, Embryologists, and Topographic Anatomists of Ukraine, as the founder of the journal, support a policy aimed at adhering to the principles of publishing ethics and recognize that tracking compliance with the principles of editorial (editorial) ethics is one of the main component reviews and publications. The prevention of inappropriate actions, such as plagiarism, is the responsibility of any author, editor, reviewer, publisher involved in the publication process.

The editorial staff of the «Medical Science of Ukraine» journal is doing everything possible to comply with the ethical standards adopted by the international scientific community and to prevent any violations of these norms: ICMJE (International Committee of Medical Journal Editors,, COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics, and CSE (Council of Science Editors, Besides, all MSU handling and publishing editors follow the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing (

The editorship is guided by the recommendations of the Committee of Publication Ethics, the Code of Conduct and Best Practices Guide for Journal editors and Code of Conduct for journal publishers to ensure the ethics and quality of the publication, and takes into account the valuable experience of authoritative international journals and publishing houses.


All accepted manuscripts are passed to reviewers who keep confidential. Neither members of the editorial board, nor reviewers (exept for the editor-in-chief and executive secretary of the editorial board) should not directly communicate with the authors. Reviewers are not allowed to publicly discuss manuscripts that have not yet been published.

Conflict of interest

Authors should submit information to the editorial board on potential or existing conflicts of interest that may affect the review of the manuscript of the article, such as financial interests, personal conflicts.

Publication decisions

The editorial board decides on the publication of the submitted works. The editorial board is governed by the policy of the magazine and the legal requirements relating to defamation, copyright infringement and plagiarism. Members of the editorial board make decisions based on the recommendations of the reviewers and refer to these decisions.

The editor, members of the editorial board or reviewer must evaluate the manuscripts on their intellectual content, regardless of race, gender, political views, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, nationality, or religious beliefs of the authors.

The editorial board should not use unpublished information in its own research without the written consent of the author. The editorial staff should take reasonable, appropriate measures if ethical complaints were filed against the submitted manuscript or published document.

Assessment of manuscripts

The executive secretary of the editorial board accepts printed manuscripts and their electronic versions, checks the status and availability of all supporting documents. After this, the manuscripts are submitted to reviewers, according to the field of medicine, which the article is devoted to.

Responsibility of reviewers

Reviewers are required to submit their feedback on the manuscript clearly, correctly, with accompanying arguments, comments and links to relevant literary sources (if necessary). The review must not be liberal or offensive to the authors; criticism of the article that based on personal accounts is inadmissible.

Reviewers have to refuse the review of manuscripts if there are certain conflicts of interest arising as a result of cooperation or other relationships with the authors of the manuscript, with organizations or institutions that finance or have a different attitude to the work. Reviewers have to remember about confidentiality of the submitted materials and should not discuss them among colleagues.

Reviewers who need consultation with an article with their colleagues must first agree with the editors of the journal.

The editorial board is asking reviewers to take into account the following ethical aspects:

  • Was the manuscript published by the authors before?
  • Does the manuscript contain fragments of the plagiarism of previously published works?
  • Is the manuscript executed in accordance with ethical norms and according to the existing rules?
  • Are there any hints or evidence that the data presented in the manuscript is fake or falsified?
  • Did the authors submit the research results correctly and fully?

Any other information that may be the reason for the refusal to publish the manuscript should be submitted to the editor.

The review should contain a conclusion on the possibility (or impossibility) of publishing an article in the journal "Medical Science of Ukraine".

Editor's responsibility

The editor of the journal "Medical Science of Ukraine" must confirm and provide a fair assessment of all manuscripts, taking into account their scientific and intellectual content, taking into account ethical principles, regardless of the gender, race, nationality, religion or political preferences of the authors. The editorial board is responsible for making decisions about publishing or refusing to publish manuscripts submitted for review. It is based on the review of reviewers, journal policies, and doesn’t allow plagiarism, slander, or copyright infringement.

The editor must not have any conflicts of interest with the reviewers as for the acceptance or refusal of the publication of the submitted work. The editor must ensure the anonymity of the review.

In the case of fundamental comments, the manuscript of the article with a review will be returned to the author. The author may agree or disagree with remarks, that must be reported in the copyright notice, which should accompany the manuscript upon re-submission. The editorial board informs the author that the work is accepted or not recommended for printing.

Responsibility of the authors

Authors should provide information on the contribution of each of them to work and respond to the comments that contained in reviews of the manuscript. All authors should sign the article manuscript, which means that they all agree with its contents.
All details of ethical compliance and the availability of human research permits, as well as the use of animal experiments, are required.
The article manuscript cannot be simultaneously sent to another edition. Only a single article of the same author is submitted to the journal's issue.

Authors should, if necessary, provide raw raw data of their research, the results of which are set forth in the article submitted for editorial review, and be prepared to provide public access to such data. The authors must, in any case, keep such data within one year of publication.

The authors of the article should ensure that they have written absolutely original work, and in case of use of work and / or statements of other authors, appropriately mention this reference or indicate such fact in the text. The authors of the publication must comply with the relevant copyright laws. The materials used by the author of other researchers (tables, figures, etc.) should be reproduced only with their respective permission and confirmation.

Authors submit for consideration only entirely original works. The work of other researchers must be duly recognized. Authors should provide links to publications that have influenced the content submitted for consideration before publication of the work.

Authorship should be limited to those who have made a significant contribution to the design, execution, design or interpretation of this study. Anyone who has made such a contribution should be registered as co-authors. Other persons who participated in certain key aspects of the research project should be named in the Thanksgiving section.

The author must make sure that all co-authors have approved the final version of the article and get agreement on the submission of the work for publication.

If the work involves the use of procedures or equipment, physical, chemical, or other factors that are in danger when using them, the author must clearly indicate them in the manuscript.

The authors must disclose in the manuscripts any financial or other conflict of interest that can be interpreted as having an effect on the results or interpretation of their manuscript. All sources of financial support for the project should be disclosed.

If the author discovers a significant error or inaccuracy in his own published work, he must immediately notify the editor of the magazine and collaborate with the editor to reject or correct the article.

If the editor-in-chief, the editorial board will receive information from a third party that the published work contains significant 

It is an obligation of the author to urgently refute this fact, or to correct an article, or to submit to the chief editor the proof of the correctness of the published work.


Editors, the editorial board are not responsible for the opinions expressed by the authors, views and contents of the published manuscripts in the journal. Originality, proofreading of manuscripts and errors are the exclusive responsibility of individual authors.

All manuscripts submitted for review and publication in the journal «Medical Science of Ukraine» are subjected to double blind reviews of authenticity, ethical issues and useful contributions. Reviewers' decisions are the only tool for publication in the magazine and will be final.