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dentistry, bone substitute materials, osteoplasty, improvement

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Tsuperyak, S., & Mochalov, I. (2022). WAYS FOR IMPROVEMENT THE OSTEOPLASTIC MATERIALS FOR DENTISTRY. Review. Medical Science of Ukraine (MSU), 18(4), 94-105. https://doi.org/10.32345/2664-4738.4.2022.14


Relevance. Bone-graft materials are widely used in health care and dentistry in particular. The use of osteoplasty techniques in the oral cavity has an increased risk of contamination of the operating field with opportunistic and pathogenic microflora. A number of improvements in such materials have the potential to be used in the treatment of dental diseases.

Objective: to analyze current publications devoted to the improvement of bone gratf materials that are used in health care and can be used in dentistry.

Methods. An analysis of data obtained during an information search in the online databases "PubMed", "SciELO", "Medcape" and "Science of Ukraine: access to knowledge" was carried out using the keywords "osteoplasty", "bone substitute materials", " bone defects".

Results: Despite the predominance in clinical practice of the use of osteoplastic materials of animal origin, the development and improvement of artificial materials looks promising. Such directions can be the improvement of composite materials based on hydrophilic gels which are able to be resorbed in the human body. Modification of ceramic materials and biological glass, improvement of their osteoconductive properties. Inclusion of antibiotics and antiseptics to osteoplastic materials. Inclusion of natural and recombinant biological growth factors in the composition of bone substitute materials. Transformation of osteoplastic material into a system of controlled long-term emission of antibiotics, antiseptics and biological growth factors.

Conclusions: Modern osteoplastic materials used in dentistry are mainly high-tech medical products that continue to be improved. The creation of artificial and composite materials with additional antiseptic, antibacterial, osteoinductive and biological properties opens the way to improving the methods of dental treatment and osteoplasty for the needs of dentistry.

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