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personality, adolescents, essential arterial hypertension, overweight, obesity

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Relevance. Recent changes in lifestyle and diet have led to a significant increase of overweight and obesity among children and adolescents. According to the results of our previous studies, it was found that among adolescents with overweight/obesity, essential hypertension is 1,5-7,5 times more common than among peers. It is known that children and adolescents with obesity are inherent in emotional instability and impulsivity.

Objective of this work was to study the personality characteristics of adolescents with essential hypertension and overweight/obesity.

Materials and methods. In the Kiev Children's Clinical Hospital No. 6, a comprehensive clinical and psychological study of 67 adolescents (18 girls, 49 boys) aged 12-17 years (average of 14,40±1,63 years) was carried out, who were hospitalized for essential hypertension. Overweight was found in 7 girls and 21 boys, obesity - in 2 girls and 8 boys. The remaining patients (9 girls and 20 boys) had normal body weight (comparative group). We evaluated the level of anxiety, alexithymia, depression, the type of attitude to the disease, and also determined the personality characteristics of the patients.

Results. Adolescents with essential hypertension and overweight/obesity on average differed significantly higher pulse daily blood pressure (61,98±8,13 mmHg versus 57,02±6,70; P<0,005), lower values of anxiety scales (5,11±4,77 points versus 9,62±7,72 points; P<0,01), hypochondria (5,70±5,20 points versus 9,00±5,20 points; P<0,05), neurasthenia (7,19±7,49 points versus 11,14±7,90 points; P<0,05) and egocentrism (5,70±4,44 points versus 8,57±5,08 points; P<0,05) related to TOBOL test. According to the personality test R.-B. Kettell in adolescents with overweight/obesity was on average higher level Q2 scale (6,72±2,14 points versus 4,91±2,63 points; P<0,05).

Conclusion. Adolescents with essential hypertension and overweight, obesity, in contrast to patients with normal body weight, are less neurotic by the disease, but they are characterized by non-conformity.
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