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adult cystic fibrosis, radiology, computed tomography

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Morozova, N., Tkachenko, M., & Romanenko, A. (2019). RADIOLOGIC DIAGNOSTIC’S CAPABILITIES OF LUNG INJURY IN ADULT PATIENTS WITH CYSTIC FIBROSIS. Medical Science of Ukraine (MSU), 15(1-2), 51-58.


Relevance. The viability of patients is determined by the degree of lung injury despite the fact that cystic fibrosis (CF) is a multiple organ disease. Early diagnosis and adequate treatment complex of cystic fibrosis prolong the lives of patients and improves its quality. Therefore, timely and detailed diagnosis of cystic fibrosis lung is particularly important problem. The central role for its solution belongs to radiological studies.    

Objective. To refine the radiology’s capabilities in detecting lung changes in case of cystic fibrosis in adult patients and to determine the role of the computed tomography (CT) in the diagnostic process.

Materials and methods. The results of radiography and CT scans of 15 patients, for whom the diagnosis of CF was established in adulthood, were analyzed.

Results. The most typical radiographic and CT signs of lung damage were determined in adult CF patients. It has been shown that the radiographic changes in the lungs are non-specific for CF patients and are determined by the secondary inflammatory process. The diagnostic capabilities of CT scans in detecting subtle structural changes in the lung tissue and bronchial tree are underlined, which allows to diagnose light and atypical forms of CF in adults, determinate the stage and activity of the pathological process and the effectiveness of the treatment.

Findings. The radiation studies were able to define the CF’s specific symptoms of lung lesions. Radiography of the thoracic cavity’s organs is a necessary step in the preliminary diagnosis for adult patients with CF or in the medical emergency's cases. The CT has the greatest diagnostic value in detecting subtle structural and functional specific changes of CF. The regular monitoring using CT scans is necessary for improving the control of the respiratory organs’ state and determine the further tactics for the particular patient.
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