Aims and Scope

The aim of the Journal is to publish the highest quality materials regarding wide range of questions related to practical and experimental medicine.

The Journal is structured in 7 main sections:

  1. Theoretical medicine
  2. Clinical medicine
  3. Preventive medicine
  4. Medical psychology
  5. For a practicing doctor
  6. Reviews
  7. Editorial information, chronicles

The First section publishes articles which introduce the results of original research in theoretical medicine.

The Second section publishes articles which introduce the results of original research in clinical medicine.

The Third section highlights possible ways of improving organizational component at all stages of specialized medical careened. It publishes articles mail goal of which is to increase the knowledge of readers.

The Fourth and Fifth sections publish articles the main goal of which is solving scientific and practical issues relevant to medicine.

Section “Reviews”. This section publishes articles that reflect the specific concerns of the author or authors.

The last section informs about main events, editorial information etc.